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Our Team

S. E. Greene, Founder/Lead Investment Strategist
S. E. Greene, Founder/Lead Investment Strategist

About Our Team

Our team of industry professionals at ETXPG, identify, initiate and bring to life various types of real estate investment opportunities. Whether it is commercial, residential or general land development, we have the talent necessary to execute at the highest level. We provide hands-on service to landowners, professional investors and others looking to expand or begin their real estate investment journey.
We thrive on innovation, always looking for ways to maximize each assets value, while preserving the natural characteristics of each and every square foot. This high level of attention generates real estate developments which we label as “legacy” assets. Each one carrying on the the legacy of excellence and care that was utilized at the beginning of the project, extending the lifetime of usefulness long beyond our involvement. We love what we do and it shows!

S. E. Greene
S.E. began his construction industry career in the summer of 1988 as a bright-eyed 16 year old, hungry to learn, despite the relentless Texas summer heat. While toting lumber on multiple job sites during the DFW housing boom that was soon halted by the S&P crisis of the late 80’s, the smell of freshly cut lumber penetrated his heart and mind. It didn’t matter how many hours or how harsh the conditions, he knew he had to plug into this industry and stay a while.

After leaving the North Texas area and moving to Tyler, TX in 1994, he sought many different opportunities before finally landing a position as a trim carpenter with a regional custom home builder. After 3-1/2 years with that firm, he knew it was time to make a transition and take the plunge into entrepreneurship.

In the latter months of 1999 he ventured into building his first project, which would set the course of his forthcoming development career, and began with a single duplex rental property. It wasn’t long before he figured out that with the lack of build-able multi-family lots available in the area, he would have to acquire land, and develop his own lot inventory. Once the course was set and the first project was completed in 2009, we fast forward a few years to where ETXPG is today.

You may hear him say “I’m just a carpenter who figured out how to borrow money” or “I have a Masters Degree in Mistake Making”, simply trying to imply that he doesn’t know it all, and life, especially in entrepreneurship, is a continual learning and growing experience. He holds a great respect of other industry professionals and pushes open dialogue on how to make his community better. He constantly networks with those of a like mindset to set up a system in which those who are willing to participate see the immediate rewards of a commitment to honesty, gratitude, humility and benevolence. He defines this as “legacy assets”, that which will be appreciated long after he, and ETXPG, cease to exist.